I'm stuck in Pittsburgh.

nervabeacon How's 'Burgh life? Been a while since I was last there. Gotta do that sometime, love that town.

besides the murder rate being the highest it has been in 10 years, it’s been a good summer, lots of festivals, concerts, things to do. Attended and worked at steel city comic con this year which was pretty awesome.

nervabeacon Weren't you a big fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Dude, this show is crazy.

i just now saw this, but yes i am. i believe i am the day man


New Single coming real soon cuz

Dirty Injun - Injunuity Hosted by LOUDPAK


.45 Ride

U.S soldiers with their Harley Davidson WLA motorcycles outfitted for combat. Note the leather holster/scabbard for the Thompson sub-machine gun. (GRH)


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